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All angles. Covered.

Solving the complexities of Global HNW Wealth Succession

Generating innovative
tailored solutions

We offer compelling life insurance solutions aligned to Client priorities, making it easy to implement legacy planning that provides for the people or organisations that matter most.

Enabling advisors’ vision and philosophy

We are connected to a network of expert advisors addressing strategies, providing solutions crafted to the uniqueness of each HNW individual’s family, business, location, and circumstances.

Creating a seamless
planning journey

We advocate the best advisor and Client experience, whether in-person or virtually. We ensure the right information is available at the right time via modern technology enriched by human connection.

Did you know?

Architecturally, a triangle is the strongest structure. Its sturdy base is synonymous with strength and support, standing firm no matter what pressure is applied.

So, whilst our name is a nod to our Bermuda locale, it also represents who we are as a company: a strong, steady base upon which our Clients can build a robust financial legacy.

Who we are

We’re a team of industry experts who understand the lifestyles, complexities and unique circumstances of global HNW Clients.


What we do

We work with an advisory network that is constantly evolving to keep pace with the global dynamics of HNW estate planning. We offer a modern and seamless digital experience designed to enhance all stages of the life insurance journey.

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How we work

We partner exclusively with international life insurance advisors serving global HNW clientele. If you’d like to learn more about how our solutions could help cover all angles for your Clients, contact us.



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